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Get the advantage of NCFE CACHE, the UK’s only specialist awarding organisation for the children, adult and healthcare sectors, with a portfolio of qualifications ranging from Entry to Level 5.


Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training – AET

If you want to make a difference in the world, this is the course for you. This internationally recognized course is suitable for those already working in the field of education, looking to gain formal recognition of their skills, and also for those with no prior teaching experience. The qualification provides better career development opportunities related to the education industry.


Pearson BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

The BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training course provides an option to progress in the field of teaching. It offers you with an in-depth knowledge of the teaching sphere as a whole. It covers day-to-day duties, ways to deliver excellent lessons, how to plan lessons, how to give constructive feedback etc. The course is apt for those willing to progress and enhance their knowledge.


CACHE LEVEL - 3 Award in Childcare and Education

CACHE LEVEL - 3 Award in Childcare and Education program aims at those willing to become an expert in childcare and education thus equipping them with requisite knowledge and skills while dealing with the learners’ personal, educational and developmental needs. This CACHE endorsed program will expand your knowledge about children and development, their health and wellbeing, along with an internationally recognised qualification to kick-start your career.

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Get the advantage of NCFE CACHE, the UK’s only specialist awarding organisation for the children, adult and healthcare sectors, with a portfolio of qualifications ranging from Entry to Level 5.


CACHE Level - 1 Diploma in Caring for Children

A qualification in Caring for Children would definitely be a good boost to your CV and would open up new doors for your career helping the teachers and other participants alike in gaining a wider knowledge about the growth and development of children. It gives you an insight into the world of child care and teaches you strategies to build better relationships with the children.


CACHE Level - 2 Award in Support Work in Schools - QCF

The CACHE Level - 2 Award in Support Work in Schools program puts an emphasis on the various teaching practices for the development of children to address different phases of development. It is designed in a way to benefit you in gaining requisite knowledge for building a professional relationship with children and their parents. The program can be availed from any corner of the globe.


CACHE Level - 3 Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities

This CACHE course is especially for those who are looking to cater to the various developmental needs & ‘self-directed’ support needed for a SEN child – right from childhood to adolescence to young adult stage. Candidates pursuing this course get to learn about their various behavioural problems and help them keep their disabilities and difficulties under control, helping them choose the path towards an independent life.


CACHE Level - 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children & Young People

This CACHE level qualification will give learners a basic understanding of childcare and education, parenting and babysitting. The candidates learn about the welfare of their learners, importance of play in the early stage of learning, planning a nutritious and healthy diet, how to take preventive measures against any accident/fire, etc.to help children and young people grow up in a safe environment.


NCFE CACHE Level - 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health

This program has been designed with an emphasis on the causes, symptoms and impact of various mental health and related issues. The course will help to gain knowledge on how to lend proper support to maintain mental wellbeing in children and young people. The online mode of the course will enable you to continue with the course at your own pace, fitting into your daily schedule.


NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Autism (RQF)

The Certificate program in Understanding Autism will acquaint you with the key areas related to autism and its related behaviours prevalent among the learners. The qualification will help you to get better equipped at handling children and adults with autism giving you the skills to spot symptoms and help individuals with autism overcome their disability and lead a normal life as much as possible.


Teaching Assistant: Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools

This NCFE CACHE certified Certificate program in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification will provide you with an understanding of the knowledge required while working directly with children and young people in school environments. The program includes idea about development, safeguarding welfare and communication and professional relationships related to young learners and is suitable for those supporting young learners in primary, secondary or special schools.

Student's Review

I had very little knowledge about SEN system and individuals prior to this course. However, this course, help me to realize there are so many SEN individuals in my country and throughout the world. There is a vast need for SEN teachers. I am now more compassionate and understanding towards the needs of SEN individuals as well as SEN parents.

This course boosts my confidence and upgrade my teaching skills. Asian college of teacher is a good platform for learners who wants to become teacher. My evaluator, coordinator and tutor are very helpful. I learned new techniques of teaching that I can use in classroom. Overall my journey is awesome with Asian college of teacher.

Well, I had a valuable learning experience with ACT online. The content was very comprehensive and I found it quite interesting to read. The course has enhanced my knowledge, confidence and skills. Thanks to the coordinator who allowed me to learn according to my pace. I always got the study content swiftly as soon as I finished the one.

My thinking about teaching has evolved in these last few months. Realization of the fact that how teachers can help children by setting them free in a prepared environment without invading their space & letting them flourish gradually on their own does’ wonders.

Lovely. It was to the point and crisp, aptly designed for practicing teachers. I would like to update myself every now and then with the latest development in the field.

I enjoyed studying again after a long hiatus, this course was both educational and fun to do. Thank you for the experience and support. I am working in Boston International School, China.

I really enjoyed the course and got to learn so many things I am very happy and satisfied. I was Assisted very well and didn't face difficulty that made my course and learning experience simpler and fast.

It was a great experience overall, my evaluator/tutor was very helpful throughout the course. I felt very confident on my assignments and tests.

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